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How to make a claim

In order to make a claim, please select from one of the following four options

  • Damage Claims
  • Theft / Malicious Damage Claims
  • Fire
  • Injury / Damage to third parties

    Conflicts of Interest

    The insurance market for personal watercraft is very small, and therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident with another craft, there is a possibility that the other person involved may also be insured with RJP Marine. This is something we have become familiar with during our 20 years of trading, and have always managed any possible conflict of interest in a professional manner. Should this situation arise, we will inform you, immediately we are aware, that the other person is insured with us. To ensure that both customers are treated fairly we will operate the following procedure:-

    • Where possible we will arrange for each claim to be dealt with by a different manager
    • Where this is not possible, the manager dealing with both claims will deal with each claim impartially and according to the circumstances of the claim. They will deal without prejudice and with complete fairness to both customers at all times
    • If you are not happy with us dealing with both claims then you will be able to appoint your own loss assessor to handle your claim on your behalf, but this will be at your own cost and we should advise you that this can be quite costly. Whilst we would not wish to dissuade you from this, we would like to remind you of our "Consumer Charter", which you can view on this website from the home page, which demonstrates our commitment to treating all customers fairly.
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